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I don't know, who this guy is, but if one of his friends, relatives or anyone close to him reads this: Give him a handsake/ hug and tell him, that he made someone really happy, and he earned my respect.

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I love this quote Ic:@niandelenatvd Thankyou for 8k!I appreciate all of you❤️ This is really rushed because i've been arguing with my mum for ages lmao sorry Q:Your favourite ship out of these three? [8,038]

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I love this because it totally fits with the actual story! It's not out of character (or story style. In fact, I find Lewis throws random tidbits into his stories a lot), I really appreciate this.

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sincerelyasimblr: “I really appreciate all the love I have been getting lately to show my appreciation I wanted to give you guys a couple of gifts … some of you have been asking for more kids and...

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This turned out less shittier than I thought… I am really enjoying Jack’s series of The Last Guardian. and seriously, Trico is the cutest thing ever, I want one for myself. As a cat lover I can really appreciate them

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Anime, it above and beyond more than entertains. I really appreciate it

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i really appreciate that the other characters (especially bellamy) notice that finn isn't acting like himself, and actually say something to him about it.

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I really like this picture of Arthur - if someone could help me find the original artist and/or URL, I'd really appreciate it :)

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I just enjoy that fans put that much thought into it. Like d8sney was probably like, this would be cute and done

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