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I don't want them to smush their faces together, but a soft bittersweet kiss would have been perfect. most people are like "a kiss would have been WAYY too forced" but I'm like "...noo.??" ANYONE who was watching could see how much they ended up meaning to each other. both of them risked their lives and even sacrificed their own beliefs for the other countless times, not to mention their undeniable CHEMISTRYYYY. I just REALLY WISH THEY'D HAD MORE TIMEEE

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Whole different meaning to dynamic character

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Amazing cosplayer cosplaying Yurio

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I don't even know how I feel about the shipping but THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY THEY POINTED OUT THE NECKLACE!!! It didn't really appear to have a main purpose in the film so I wouldn't be surprised if something like this happens

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I mean, it is still posed as a threat in both situations, but you can tell Yurio has gotten much closer to Yuri (or more competitive, you can see it either way).

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Wait a minute...if they have children then that means that they...oh dear god.

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Does that mean that Draco may have had a crush on Hermione?!?!? Everything makes sense now...

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This is getting kind of annoying But just because the same people who like Yuri!!! On Ice like Killing Stalking now doesn’t mean they are disgusting? Most of the people don’t ship the relationship. Like mostly we are just here for the aesthetic art style and the murder story because its captivating. Doesn’t mean we support the things that happen in the manga So please stop treating people like shit when we are just trying to enjoy it.

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The cool kids

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