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I think you did know, you knew how much I loved and cared about you because I showed it everyday. I told you everything, even things that my parents don't know about! I trusted you that much but you,I don't know you took me as a joke and played me. Honestly I learned never to trust anyone the way I trusted you... you promised me many things but you did none of them but every promise I made to you I kept.. just I loved you not gonna lie I still think about you and everything but it gives me…

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I trusted you so much! You said you would never hurt me! Never leave me! Everyone said you where the one person I could trust no matter what...but wouldn't even glance my would rather walk away then try to fuehrer out what's wrong...figure out how much you hurt me

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if this hurts you, its cuz "truth hurts and lies heal" drake does say it best sometimes

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People are so heartless. I can't believe I ever open myself up to someone that I never thought would hurt me so bad. And then sleep with someone not even a month later.

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Out of all the people that could have broke me. Pulled me apart. Made me feel worthless. Made me believe I'm not good enough for anyone or anything. Why did it have to be you? You were the one person I thought I could trust. I loved you so much and I still fucking do. Why did you do that to me? I just wanted to make you happy.

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