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I want to leave... because that is the only way I will ever be able to escape this sadness that has slowly become a part of me.


{I wonder if this is what I'll tell my family.} // if i could fly i would never come down. so instead i drive. in silence. or with the right music. watching the world go by.


I just feel like I need to get away. I don't feel like I belong where I live, but I'm too young to leave. I feel like no one understands so I just dream about where I want to go. I've been like this for so long but now all my friends left me and everyone thinks I'm a weirdo and a whore. Lying in bed is my only escape from life.


My family isn't helping the fact that I want to kill myself. I thought going on vaca would make things different. I thought that there would be less arguing and we would get closer. But every one just keeps yelling at me. I just want to cry. First full day and I already want to leave. But I'm stuck with them 24/7 until Wednesday when we leave. I'm so tired of living at this point