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No one understands... They tell me I will be ok, but if they could see inside my head and heart and feel what I feel, they would never say that again

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I would have rather never knew she was out there, then spend the rest of my life knowing what I once had but can never have again!!!

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Life gets a little heavy at times. That's it. I'll be fine. So far I've survived 100% of my bad days (and believe me I almost broke but still managed) nothing has changed regarding that

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dandridgegirl: “wavyassblackgirl: “Me currently✌️ ” The Black Woman. Ask a Black woman what you can do to lighten her load, don’t just admire the way she carries it. ”

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Life really can be one crazy confusing journey. It twists and turns and sometimes leaves us completely breathless struggling to catch up. To understand why. Why things break. Why people are the way they are. How people we know so well can become strangers to us in a second. But mostly why we have to go through so much pain--so much hurt-- before we come out the other side with whatever lesson we were meant to get. And you know I think sometimes the hardest thing we do is learn that answers…

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Don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone’s true…

Don't get comfortable thinking everything is "OK" now. You have no idea the pain you have caused the person dearest to me... Just because I am silent ( at the moment ) It will never be ok with me!

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I will never hate her, I love her, she is the best thing to ever happen to me. I still believe she is the one, but if we never get back together, I would be ok, if it's meant to be its meant to be, Jess would always be in my heart no matter what!

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This is so true. You have to choose to find the silver lining in tragedy, or it WILL consume you. A million people can try and comfort you or tell you it will be ok, but only you can believe them and accept that as truth.

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