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Iran - Ibn Khaldun, May 27, 1332 AD/732 AH – March 19, 1406 AD/808 AH was a Muslim historiographer and historian who is often viewed as one of the fathers of modern historiography, sociology and economics.


"Ibn Khaldun was a brilliant North African polymath of Arab descent who was born Tunis but travelled extensively throughout North Africa. He was a statesman, philosopher, Islamic theologian and jurist, historian, astronomer, mathematician, economist, poet, and social scientist and is widely considered to be the father of historiography, cultural history, demography, philosophy of history, and sociology." - @Davia Bailey


Helmet, Egyptian, c. 1293-1341, bears the name of the Mamluk sultan Ibn Qala’un, who ruled from Cairo a century before Barquq, the sultan who appointed and dismissed Ibn Khaldun as chief justice on several occasions.


Nasir al-DIn Tusi was a Persian polymath and prolific writer: an architect, astronomer, biologist, chemist, mathematician, philosopher, physician, physicist, scientist, theologian and Marja Taqleed.[citation needed] He was of the Ismaili-, and subsequently Twelver Shī‘ah Islamic belief. The Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun considered Tusi to be the greatest of the later Persian scholars.


14 of the Oldest Mosques in the World | Sacred Footsteps | Zaytuna Mosque, Tunis, Tunisia: 113 AH. " According to historian Ibn Khaldun, the mosque was built in 731AD. The building was also host to one of the earliest universities of Islam, producing a number of scholars, including Ibn Khaldun himself. The columns within the mosque were recycled from the Roman city of Carthage."


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alleged 679th anniversary of the birth of Ibn Khaldun

The Muqaddimah is a work written by Ibn Khaldun that contains historical records of the early Muslim and universal world. It contains many different subjects that include social sciences, demography, economics, and cultural history. This work also provides inside information into the world of Islamic culture, which helps us to understand their past. --DDabson

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