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Ice Crystals Within Ice. Look at the delicate little ice crystals within the ice shard, how intricately they've been made. I like how the background is blurred giving the image more depth.

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Colourful light pillars often appear in winter when snow or ice crystals reflect light from a strong source like the sun or moon. Aided by extreme cold, light pillars appear when light bounces off the surface of flat ice crystals floating relatively close to the ground.

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More Macro Shots of Snowflakes by Andrew Osokin

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18 perfect snowflakes captured in photos

18 perfect snowflakes [Photos] These intricate, one-of-a-kind ice crystals form when precipitation falls through varying levels of humidity and temperatures in the air.

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... was für traumhafte, wunderschöne und zauberhafte Formen Schneeflocken bilden…

Sun Dogs ~ are made of a large family of halos, created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sun Dogs are best seen and most conspicuous when the Sun is close to the horizon.

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