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Ice Cube Facial - keep acne and wrinkles at bay

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Camomile ice cubes facial / Promotes blood circulation, tightens the pores, decrease little wrinkles. The camomile soothes and softens the skin.

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An Ice Cube Facial: Seriously A Bomb-Ass Beauty Tippity Tip

::my favorite beauty tip ( p.s. it's free! ) <<< So instead of trying fancy-ass creams or complaining of puffy eyes, try this tip ( duration: 10-30 seconds, 3 times in the AM works best ). Models do this ALL the time before shoots because it de-puffs the eyes, eases redness, tightens the skin, fights wrinkles, & keeps them looking so fresh and so clean, clean. More on the blog!::

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3 DIY Ways to Make Your Face Look Brighter, Fresher, Younger

Ice cube facials are some of the oldest spa treatments around. The ice brings down swelling and tighten pores. Plus green tea gives your skin a little jolt of caffeine and a healthy dose of antioxidants, making your face look fresh and bright.

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Korean actresses swear by rubbing ice cubes on their face to achieve that beautiful radiant glow. So why not make it better by adding these 2 ingredients?! This will help reduce morning facial swelling and help constrict large pores without using chemical toners.

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7 Ice Cube Beauty Hacks

Cucumber- Honey Cleanser. For a glowing skin cleanser, try a frozen facial scrub. Cucumbers are naturally cooling while they gentle clean and moisturize the skin

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