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How To Make Your Own Shapeable Ice Pack For Pennies!

This home made ice pack can be in your freezer all ready to go for bumps and necks and hardly costs anything. One part rubbing alcohol to three parts water. Gets really cold but never hardens. Just like a real cold pack! :)


DIY Ice Packs with simple ingredients you probably already have. These stay soft, so they easily mold around a painful knee or other aches and pains.


Home Made Gel Ice Packs - This is awesome! My back got sunburned so I got one of those huge ziploc bags they have for storing toys and made a huge version of this and laid on top of it.


This Chart Shows You When To Use Ice Or Heat For Your Pain

Let’s face it. It’s confusing as to when to apply a heat pad or when you should get out the ice pack. Thankfully, the good folks at the Cleveland Clinic have created this handy dandy chart to help figure out what’s best for each situation. As an example, it suggests to use ice for


Thera Pearl Knee Ice Pack | this ice pack is great for IT band issues, runners knee, or other knee injuries. It has a strap that keeps it in place so you can actually sit in a upright position (or even stand!) while wearing it. Click for more info and where to purchase. |


Knee Heat Pack Ice Pack, Microwave Knee Wrap for Knee Pain, Arm Wrap Elbow Wrap - Hot Cold Pack, Microwave Heat Pads, Heat Therapy Rice Bag from HotColdComfort


ice pack device from socks ... buy knee-high basic tube socks (...without heels...). Overlap them at the toes and stitch two packs will fit in each side of the socks...overlapped section goes at your chin...ends of the socks are tied up over the top of your head...chin will be comfortable and the ice will be held at just the right spots on your cheeks while a thin layer of cloth will protect your skin. I found a 2-inch overlap worked best.


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Ice pack wrap


Makes a great gift! This comfortable, wearable ice pack provides effective, natural relief for migraines and headaches so you can keep going. It also makes a great neck wrap and is awesome for your post-workout cool down. You'll find lots of uses for this innovative product and it makes a great gift for the migraine sufferer or athlete in your life. Order at Amazon


Ice vs. Heat: What’s Better For Your Pain?

What's best for your aches and pains - ice or heat?