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How To Make Iced Tea ::: To enjoy a refreshing, tasty and healthy glass of iced tea, start with whole, loose-leaf tea leaves.

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Apple Ginger Mint Iced Tea

Apple Ginger Mint Tea anyone? Mint is a good appetizer, promotes digestion & soothes the stomach.


How to make Teavana Passion Tango iced tea at home: The only difference between making hot tea and iced tea is the amount of tea leaves you use, and of course, ice! Start by brewing a pot of tea using double the amount of tea leaves (3 tsp tea for every 8 oz of hot water). Steep for 5-6 minutes. Add 1-2 tsp of rock sugar for every 8 oz of tea (optional). Fill a pitcher with ice and pour the hot tea in to the pitcher. Stir to cool. Add a little more ice if needed. Find a sunny spot and enjoy…

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Victorian Iced Tea

Victorian Iced Tea Recipe: Ingredients: 4 individual tea bags in 4 cups boiling water. . Cover and steep for 5 minutes. Remove and discard tea bags. Chill. Just before serving combine 1 can (11-1/2 ounces) cranberry-raspberry juice concentrate, thawed and 4 cups cold water in a 2-1/2 qt. pitcher. Add Ice cubes and fresh mint .

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Ginger and Honey Iced Tea

Ingredients 8 cups boiling water 8 tea bags 2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger 1/3 cup honey Directions Pour 8 cups of boiling water into a heat-resistant pitcher. Add 8 tea bags and let steep for 10 minutes. Remove and discard the bags and allow the tea to cool to room temperature. Stir in the honey and ginger and refrigerate until ready to use. Serve over ice.

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Pomegranate Green Iced Tea aka (Butterfly Nectar)

pomegranate tea (Butterfly Nectar) 5 bags of Bigelow Pomegranate Green Tea 24 oz. water 1 cup Pomegranate Juice 1/4 cup sugar optional: Sliced Pomegranate for pitcher frozen pomegranate juice in an ice tray


How to Make Perfect Southern Sweet Iced Tea

This winter sangria combines the best of what is available during the season - cranberry, pomegranate, orange, apple, and of course a good red or white wine - and is perfect as a Thanksgiving and Christmas sangria. Plan to double it though!

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How to Make Ice Tea: Tangerine Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe

tangerine raspberry iced tea (herbal) 6 cups water 5 Tangerine herbal tea bags 4 Raspberry herbal tea bags 1 - 1 1/2 cup Pomegranate juice (or according to your tastes) orange or tangerine slices, optional garnish raspberries, optional garnish ice cubes