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Idiocracy Meaning

This is the truth. 18 yr. olds, now, are spoiled rotten kids.

I don't know about you but, in my book, if a guy pays $25 million to settle his fraud case, it means he's a fraud. Trump is a fraud, liar and a cheat!

silence means consent. and we don't.

from The Huffington Post

Donald Trump's New 'Health' Secretary Wants To Destroy Medicare

Trumps newly appointed Secretary of Health Tom Price’s record on Medicare is sad. He actually said that “nothing has had a greater negative effect on the delivery of health care than the federal government’s intrusion into medicine through Medicare” and “we will not rest until we make certain that government-run health care is ended."

Somehow, it's all done in the name of "protecting families and America". Many are now asking "whose family?", and "whose America?" - and of course, "do guns really protect anyone?".