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Idiocracy Meaning

Why does anyone need, deserve or earn $180 million??? How?

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PLEASE tell us what was in your heart (like your BS spokeswoman-troll expects us to glean) so we know what you meant when you did this. or didn't do this. whatever, fuckhead.

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Voting against their very own interests is the most insane part of all....I will never understand it.

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Trump thinks he's too smart for intelligence. Maybe, he doesn't know what intelligence means.

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Amelia Bedelia Multiple Meaning Words: really great idea for my writing unit. Aligns well with 6+1 traits word choice.

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Not My President means I reject the normalization of Racism, Misogyny, Kleptocracy, Xenophobia, Misinformation, Climate Change Denial because I already know what makes America great.

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It means we elected an idiot to be president.

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As tempting as it is to blame Trump;s election on Putin, credit must also be giving to millions of truly dumb Americans. - Andy Borowtiz

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I pray the electors buck up and do the right thing. Willingly and knowingly giving this man the presidency means our democracy has gone poof. #notmypresident #resist #quotes

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