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I don't think I'm beautiful. At times I think I look pretty, but all it takes is a bad picture of me, seeing gorgeous girls, people pointing out my flaws and I start feeling horrible about myself. I try not to let people's opinions of me affect the way I see myself, but sometimes it's so hard. People tell me I'm perfect, gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, but they don't see what I see. I just don't see myself being good enough.

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I am not sure whether this quote is true of me because I am a female, or because of who I am. I do shut down for a moment when I am extremely hurt because I internally start to wonder if the person harmed me in that way because I am a woman, or because I am not good enough, or both. Mostly, this reaction is pretty constant with my identity.

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It's because I am ugly, I'm not pretty, beautiful, hot, or anything like that, I'm not even close to being any of those

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I just need my boy bands and internet friends! I don't need no relationship!

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