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2nd Edition B&W Competition Simplweb- The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, runner up, Martina Braindstetter, Germany, 'Pinhole', black and white image #photography


I have highlighted this image because I like how the image is simple yet effective at demonstrating how light can be used in photography. This image was created with a high exposure setting which would more light in the image such as the trail, The trail would've been created by a person walking along with a torch held above the ground.


Magazine - The Power of Body: Black and Whites by Selina Mayer

There seems to be a lot of people these days who are dismissive toward nude photography, or tend to think that each photo shoot is some sort of easy way out of addressing the subject. Then you come across the works of Selina Mayer, the North London photographer with such a beautiful sense of light and abstraction, of simple singularity with the subject that you begin to realize just how hard it is to compose a good portrait.