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Anatomy Of A Mermaid

Anatomy Of A Mermaid. Now I just like seeing all you dumbasses argue over a drawing. Haha :)

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I would love to see some reversal and playing with these tropes, some serious confrontations of the disability and gender narratives embedded in storytelling about mermaid...

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Mermaid Coffee Scoop

This is our new mermaid coffee scoop which can be used for a variety of things; teabag holder, 1 tbsp measure, sauce, nuts or candy scoop. The mermaid image is on both sides and has a rounded handle f

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Mistiko meaning secret or mystery in Greek. Daughter of the fates who cannot lie but often deceives with illusions of destiny. She's named as the Fates tell her secrets about the destinies they weave.

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Malena Sharkey diving in Cozumel, in the stunning image that’s on the cover of Sarah Porter’s YA novel Lost Voices (photograph by Chris Crumley)

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