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And our veterans are dying (28%) because the VA isn't giving them promised healthcare! So sick of liberals.


This just gets me... America is all for immigration and has been for a long time. Immigration has been the foundation of America started, welcoming all. "The American Way" why is is such a surprise to people? What difference does it make? Are we suddenly a prejudice country and why?


Prepare yourselves accordingly – Anyone who thought candidate Donald Trump was not intensely serious about America-First economics should have received a fish-slap of reality when they realiz…


Americans Must Stop Amnesty In Any Form/I wholly agree. part of my family came here recently. he had to have a sponsor. he learned English, had a job, and became a citizen in VERY short order. the illegals who are invading us want to do none of those things. they think most of the usa belongs to them already, have no interest in learning English and want handouts from the rest of us because they think it is owed. the muslims are mostly no different. even most jews do not want to…


What the 0bama admin doesn't want you to know.DHS accused of sitting on damning border report [VIDEO] 0bama says that 81% are apprehended at the border. The disputed Department of Homeland Security reports says that only 51% are apprehended. We need the truth.


No, Mexico Doesn’t Have A Wall On Its Southern Border—But If Trump Wins It Might Build One | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform