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8 Immune System Boosting Foods: "In our efforts to go a whole cold and flu season without succumbing to illnesses that can leave us listless and miserable for weeks, many of us will go to great lengths to avoid getting ill. We'll boost our vitamin intake, wash our hands obsessively, and we may even get a flu shot. Yuck!" Here are eight food that work too.

from SparkPeople

8 Foods that Strengthen Your Immune System to Fight Colds and the Flu


Eight ways to boost your immune system naturally: Eat nutrient-dense foods Supplement with necessary vitamins Exercise regularly Limit sugar consumption Prioritize sleep Reduce negative stress Use herbs for the immune system Be happy


THE WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM TEST Do You Have a Weak Immune System ? Take the Test & Find Out !   BEST NATURAL WAYS TO BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM Top Vitamins, Minerals & Foods That…


Boost Your Immune System With This Herbal Vitamin C Syrup | | Be prepared for cold and flu season with this herbal vitamin c syrup!


I've always known that vitamin C was one of those "popular vitamins" that people take to keep from getting sick, but I never really knew why other than it boosts the immune system... that is, until...

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Homemade Vitamin Gummies – Great Way to Boost Kids’ (and Adults’) Immune Systems

Homemade Vitamin Gummies - Boost your entire family's immune system and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time with these healthy homemade vitamin C gummies. Even your picky eater will love them!