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Impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, in the US Senate with Chief Justice William Rehnquist presiding, 1999.

ChinaGate and the Impeachment of Bill Clinton: What Really Happened - 3:09, YouTube:

Clinton Impeached, disgraced the office of the President! LOSER!!! What a LOSER, the only one bigger, is the liar in chief in the White House right now, the worst EVER!


Apparently Mr. Bill Clinton told this intern to perform oral sex on him to climb up that career ladder.


Dec. 19, 1998: President Bill Clinton, America's 42nd chief executive, was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, becoming only the second president to be ordered to stand trial in the Senate.


Bernie or BUST. No Faux Feminist, Fracking, Monsanto Money Republican War Hawk hillary for this 63 yr. old STAUNCH Feminist since 1967. hillary brutally betrayed all women playing the Rich White Power Man's Game of Blame & Shame 20 Women ACCUSING bill clinton of Rape & sexual assault. While working as a MCSW 4 The Feds in 91-99, I WATCHED hillary LIE on National TV blaming bill's victims. She repeatedly SILENCED his accusers. TOO MANY WOMEN TO DENY.


History channel impeachment story! Inaugural Address: Bill Clinton

"I am very proud of the role I played in getting legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and in helping get rid of the prejudice by being visible about it, helping to block the conviction of Bill Clinton of impeachment.", Barney Frank