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In The Flesh Adrian Belew (King Crimson) & Keith Emerson (ELP)

Golden Mask of Psusennes I | Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Glass.Detail Tanis, 3rd Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty, 1047 – 1001 BC. This golden mask lay over the head, chest, and part of the shoulders of the mummy of Psusennes, as a layer of protection. The royal headdress with ureaus and the divine false beard he wears indicates his royal and godly status. The use of gold, considered the flesh of the gods, reaffirming his davinity in the afterlife. He was the son of Pinedje...


classic burial posture > however, I suspect this was interred in air in a catacomb, or (as in many crowded cemeteries) the body was buried for some time and then dug up again and reassembled in this posture once the flesh had decayed. The bones remain articulated, it's unclear whether they were wired together or if the joint tissue has just mummified.