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In The Zone

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"@jimhudson36: KING EDWARD is in the zone. #EddieVanHalen @unchained84 @GregRenoff @romy001 @hkcollectibles @Jay2943 "

The "Dama de Galera" found in Granada, Spain, is probably a depiction of Goddess Astarte. Phoenicians & Carthaginians brought this deity to southwestern Iberia. She is seated between winged cherubim with lion's bodies and women's heads and was found inside tomb 20, zone I in the necropolis. A very similar one was found in Carthage. She is an alabaster ritual vessel; when libation is poured into her, the liquid pours from her breasts into the basin she holds. 5th century B.C.E.

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What Type of Dragon Are You?

What Type of Dragon Are You? Khioneus (Snow Dragon) is a Pterian Biped (wings, four legs). The Snow Dragon, as it's called most of the time, is a peaceful, elusive creature. It lives in the cold North, but comes out primarily in a soft snowing. It symbolizes silence and stillness, like a windless sprinkle of soft snow. If you are a Khioneus, then you are soft, quiet, and unique. You might prefer time spent with just yourself or close others, but you rarely venture outside of your comfort…

Foxglove, aka digitalis purpurea. In Wales it is declared to be a favorite hiding place of fairy folk, who (it is said) make a snapping sound when children hold one end of the bell and strike the other on the hand to hear the clap of fairy thunder, with which the indignant fairy makes her escape from her injured retreat. In south of Scotland it is called "bloody fingers" more northward, "deadman's bells." In Wales it is known as "fairy-folks-fingers" or "lambs-tongue-leaves."

Sprites in Oklahoma. Sprites are electrical discharges that come out of the top of thunderclouds, opposite ordinary lightning bolts which plunge toward Earth. Sprites can tower as high as 90 km above ground.

The Most Radioactive Man On Earth And His Animals A defiant Naoto Matsumara, 53, is known in some circles as Radioactive Man for his refusal to leave his hometown despite its level of radiation.

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The Story Behind This West Virginia Urban Legend Will Keep You Awake Tonight