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Read about two changes to my independent reading routine that made all the difference last you want accountability without the hassle (and often waste) of reading logs? There's a better way and you can learn all about it here! Reading Log Ideas, Back to School Homework routines


Blog Post for English Teachers: 15 Tips for Pulling off Independent Reading Programs (in Middle/ High School)


Independent Reading Conferences {A Guide to Getting Started

Independent Reading Conferences {A Guide to Getting Started} - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley


Making the Most of Independent Reading Time

Check out these Independent reading activities that will make student reading time more meaningful. Lots of independent reading ideas, anchor charts, and resources. Grab the free graphic organizer while you are there!

Independent Reading: Goal Setting and Assignments

Independent reading assessments are always tricky: you want students to read something they enjoy, at their reading level and at their own pace. How, then, do

Independent Reading Time - great post about independent reading!