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India is still not keen to allow in-flight Wi-Fi Read more Technology News Here --> Air travelers in India will have to make do with no Wi-Fi connectivity on planes for now as the government continues to have security concerns. SEE ALSO: Wi-Fi passwords from airports around the world in one brilliant map Back in August aviation secretary R. N. Choubey had revealed that the Indian government will announce a set of reforms to let airlines offer in-flight…

Sign this petition! Urge India to Close Facilities That Drain Blood From Horses and Donkeys | Take Action | - 1

Must Have Android Apps of Indian Government

Indian Government to the Supreme Court: Triple Talaq and polygamy is not an integral part of Islam and cannot exist in a modern and secular democracy.

Must Have Android Apps of Indian Government

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Undeclared income or "black money" is a huge issue in India A tax evasion amnesty in India has prompted tens of thousands of people to declare more than $9.5bn (£7.3bn) in undeclared income and assets. Finance min

Indian Government Has Been Conducting Medical Testing On Young Girls Without Consent

from PETA

Urge the Indian Government to Close Abusive Horse Facilities

Urge the Indian government to shut down equine-serum facilities that abuse horses, donkeys, and mules.

Horses were found suffering from anemia, blindness, swollen limbs, infected wounds, and other serious ailments, according to investigators who inspected antitoxin production facilities. Sign this petition and demand the Indian government shut down these cruel places.


The Indian government said recently had said that all central ministries and departments “may relax” condition of prior turnover and prior experience in public procurement to all startups if they meet quality and technical specifications. The government is now indicating that there may be circumstances (like health procurements) where procuring entities may prefer the vendors to have prior experience rather than giving orders to new entities.