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Indiana Governor-elect Reappoints Robertson as Insurance Commissioner -

A letter to former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan (and a post about how the simple act of waiting for someone to get off the elevator before you get on can change the world).

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Stained/Jeweled & Beveled Glass Windows. Originally installed in Indiana Governors Mansion.

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Indiana Governor Signs New Abortion Restrictions Into Law

A second U.S. state has banned abortions based on fetal defects like Down syndrome POLICY:

New York Times: April 1, 2015 - Indiana governor, besieged by backlash from 'religious freedom' law, promises a 'fix'

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence Signs Abortion Bill With Added Restrictions -//Because a woman will not have control of her own body in his state. The New York Times

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Pro-Coal Indiana Governor Mike Pence Wages War on Children's Health:

Indiana Governor Signs New Abortion Restrictions Into Law

Indiana protects ALL with disabilities. It's become too commonplace for women who have fetal testing decide to abort their child because of abnormalities. This needs to change, as all life should be valued, not discarded because we fear we can't "care for" a child with disabilities. #prolife

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