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Download SNAKES AND LADERS 2D CLASSIC: SNAKES AND LADERS 2D CLASSIC V 1.1 for Android 2.3.2+ Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. Paramapadham (Thayam) is Snakes and Ladders in English; it was created in ancient India before 1892. It is also known as Parama Pada Sopanam means Steps... #Apps #androidgame ##Vjmobiletech ##Board

“We have reinvented TAFE twice in the past two decades, but without compromising the core values that my father set down." “The most important point is that today we are very well positioned for the future.We replicated the cost-effective Indian way of doing business in our export markets. We are playing a global game from here." - Ms. Mallika Srinivasan, Chairman & CEO, TAFE, in an interview with The Times of India | September 23, 2016. To read the complete article, click the image.

'It's pretty difficult to drive anywhere in America today without seeing an Indian gaming casino.'

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‘All they do is keep talking about us’: Putin blasts anti-Russia rhetoric in U.S. presidential campaign

All they do is keep talking about us: Putin blasts anti-Russia rhetoric in U.S. presidential campaign


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The Cleveland Indians celebrated a big Game 1 win last night. Who will be celebrating today? #MustC

Black And White Solitaire Board Game For Adults; Memorable Handmade Christmas Gift:Order the Handmade Indian Wooden Solitaire Game with Glass Marbles for yourself or that special someone today!

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The Only Recipe for Cornish Hens You Will Ever Need

You will wow and amaze your guests when you make these simple and delicious Cornish game hens! Cook quickly and serve 1-2 adults/children each.


Sharing an easy Hindi Kitty Party Game with my readers today. This is a simple puzzle where you have to guess the names of Indian sweets and desserts with