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Indoor Grilling Hacks: How To Get Real Barbecue Flavor

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Indoor grill is happening in my dream will never stop us from grillin'!

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Stove top grilling pans...get grilled marks. I don't have a BBQ at my apartment so works great.

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Smokeless Stove Top Grill

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125 Best Indoor Grill Recipes by Ilana Simon,

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17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Foreman Grill

Ways to use your George Foreman Grill and lots of recipe and kitchen hacks with your indoor grill to make life easy and cook fast and fresh.

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Grilled shrimp with olive oil and herb sauce. Barbecued shrimp with parsley, rosemary and basil.

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Bacon – Perfect and Easy

Easy and perfect bacon on your George Foreman Grill. No mess, no fuss, no curling - just the best damn perfect bacon you've ever made!

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