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Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch, DIY Rabbit Cage Ideas & Accessories

Turn old furniture into a rabbit hutch. Spiffy Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch Ideas For Keeping Your Pet Rabbit Happy & Healthy! Including DIY Rabbit Cage Setups You Can Easily Make Yourself.

Rabbit hutch edited 1

Rabbit hutch edited 1 - super cute but way too small to keep bunnies in. would work with an xpen or as an adorable bunny house for free range rabbits!

The successfful conversion of a cupboard into an indoor rabbit hutch.

A cute indoor hutch, though I'd be a little concerned about the rabbit having the proper ventilation, not to mention the food shouldn't be left inside the hutch like that, even if it is in a container.

Rabbit Hutch/Cage Size Guide  Rabbits need somewhere to eat, sleep, hide, and go to the toilet,  plus room to hop, run, play, jump, and ...

Rabbit living spaces, size guide - not from me but I agree with this welfare standard and works well when applied to everything from Netherland Dwarfs to British Giants!

LOVE the idea of repurposing furniture to make a hutch, would def need to be part of a much larger set up tho

Tile idea only, too small otherwise. I love the way she tiled the hole, totally bun proof!