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Industrial Cable Management

A desk that features magnetically attached front and back panels to conceal unsightly cords and cables. When it comes to wire management, we've got you covered. (Click the link to discover even more options!)

Awesome custom, reclaimed wood office desk for designers. Great Mac setup.

Coup de cœur : « Ropetrick », la lampe textile par Stefan Diez - Floriane Lemarié


This world has seen so many good switchboard design concepts that never saw the light of day. It’s funny how we’re still stuck with these problematic switches, plugs, and cords. The Loop, luckily can take care of one of those problems. Cable management. Plug Board Design YankoDesign #Swagnologies


Bureau contemporain Dario Antonioni

A floating wall desk for under a grand might sound as likely as a hipster who’s never considered ironic facial hair, but stranger things have happened. The floating wall desk by Dario Antonio…