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Industrial Playpens

tawaraya, a boxing ring-cum-playpen with a monochrome striped base, pastel colored ropes designed by masanori umeda image © designboom


Old wooden playpen.....they may be considered unsafe today but they were so much better looking...not so 'industrial' as todays folding metal and plastic ones.


Angela Simoneaux Poirrier grew up in the midst of the kitchen and bath design industry, literally. Her mother, Kathy Crifasi Simoneaux, founded Acadian House Kitchen & Bath Studio in Baton Rouge, LA, 34 years ago, and she often brought her young daughter to work with her. “We lived behind the showroom, and she had my playpen in the office,” says Poirrier. “As I got older, I answered phones and went on jobsites to help with measurements. I was very ingrained in the ...

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A Parent's Guide To Cleaning Up After Your Gross Kids

Lacemaking as a cottage industry - you can see in ‘Lacemaker’ by de Loose, 1885, that a wife can make lace in her home, even with a toddler. She looks over at the baby with a “just checking” expression on her face. The baby is in a sort of playpen-walker contraption. The little table is specially made for lacemaking, with adjustable height, a padded, curved top surface to stick pins in, and drawers to hold bobbins and thread.