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How to dress your baby for cold weather (infographic)

Kids need their energy for growing! Please dress them warm en comfy. Ella's Wool — How to dress your baby for cold weather (infographic)

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Your Baby’s First Bath

Your baby’s first bath is a big milestone for you and your newborn. Learn everything you need to know about bathing your infant—from how often babies need baths to appropriate bath water temperature.

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Infant's Ibuprofen (Motrin) - Infant's Acetaminophen (Tylenol) - Little Noses (Saline drops) - Vaseline (great for red sore skin!) - Thermometer - Bandaids (In a cute kid print of course!) - Neosporin - Children's Benadryl-D - Baby Q-tips - Baby Vicks Chest Rub - Boogie Wipes - Orajel - Boo-Boo Buddy - Hand Sanitizer - Finger Brush Some other things that are great to include are: - Forehead Thermometer - Medicine Kit (syringe, medicine spoon) - Nasal syringe - Alcohol Wipes

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Baby Tip: Create a Medical Tackle Box — All Four Love

Tackle boxes are perfect for storing similar small itemsI JUST suggested this solution to one of my clients for her child as a 'getting ready' and 'going to bed' items in the bathroom! So fun to see it in action! Create a Medical Tackle Box

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Dirty water is OUT. Clean water is IN! With 4Moms Cleanwater Collection, giving your baby the perfect bath is EASY. Color coded thermometers give you a reading at a glance, and faucet cover protects babies from faucet bumps. Shop our collection of 4Moms bath essentials - link in profile!

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