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“Do not stand in the way of your own good. Get rid of your bad thoughts, inferior attitudes and limited behaviors and good will be attracted to you. What you give out will be returned to you. It’s not easy. It’s not magic. But it works.” — Iyanla...

Please pray for my husband job..he should get a good - Please pray for my husband job..he should get a good opportunity as our lord wish..till now we get any interview calls..but please pray for him to get a good job according to his gods wish..thank you father,for his wonderful blessing..and pray for me to become bold in my activities..I feel so much inferiority .i am very dear to do things..please pray for me to take away fear and moodiness from me..give heart to love people,take away…

Somewhere along the line, I dismissed good old fashioned “bro work” or “bodybuilding” as something inferior to training CrossFitters. Boy was I wrong. For the past year I’ve been doing personal experiments on myself with mobility and different types of accessory work. I’m going to highlight how including these bodybuilding movements in your training

This is one of the shots I took with the Canon 600D that I rented. Been a long favorite. I started the video and realized that the software I originally used to edit them was far inferior to what I have now. So I have re edited all of them with my latest software. Slow going but lookin good so far.

"Good Leaders don't whine, but the narcissistic ones who suffer from 'Victimitis Infinitus' do so. With their constant whining, such leaders render themselves inferior while demoralizing their followers. Leadership isn't the cup of tea for the whiners." - Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate - Quote From #RECITE #QUOTE

We live surrounded by white images, and white in this world is synonymous with the good, light, beauty, success, so that, despite ourselves sometimes, we run after that whiteness and deny our darkness, which has been made into the symbol of all that is evil and inferior. - Paule Marshall

10 reasons why Earth is spherical. Apart from timezones I'm not convinced as the evidence are subjective. Good to know both sides and do your own research before believing something you have been taught. Not so long ago European science proved that the African was inferior to the other races, and this believes still exist in peoples mind today. Just saying.

Moringa Oleifera has many health benefits. It is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory remedy. In addition it is a strong fungicide and works well against Candida albicans and other pathogens, even when these are protected by biofilms. Moringa leaf powder is recommended for its nutrients, try 1 rounded teaspoonful per day. Good quality leaf powder has a green or grey-green colour; inferior products dried at higher temperatures may be dark brown, yellow-brown or grey. Powder of seeds…

There is nothing worse than feeling as though you're not good enough no matter how hard you try


It's true! Vikings had a very female dominated culture, unlike most of ancient societies. It makes me wonder why they're different and how this could impact our culture today