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Don't know if I identify with this, but it break my heart a little bit. Pinning it on my writing board because it's an interesting premise for a story

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I wish people would just get that. I'd hate to tell them because it sounds so selfish and if I tell them then how do you know that they mean it after you tell them? —Cheney—INFJ Problems

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"I should've just kept my mouth shut and everything would be fine. Well, maybe not fine, but you wouldn't have gotten hurt."--Raoul to Treville

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*smiles slightly* So I guess it always comes back. There's a strange comfort in knowing that :).

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Wow finally poem that fits how i feel perfectly. Thank you to who ever was able to put this in words i couldn't

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Depression quote: When a depressed person shrinks away from your touch it does not mean he is rejecting you. Rather he is protecting you from the foul, destructive evil which he believes is the essence of his being and which he believes can injure you. -Dorothy Rowe.

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Most people don't understand they want the person you use to be back and I'll never be her again

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