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This section INFP Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, INFP. For more information about the INFP type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

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Top ten: INFPs are the type MOST likely to. . . From Myers-Briggs, creator of most widely used personality test by professionals and academia

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This is SOO me. Every time I take the test, I'm an INFP. I even took the super long test in my personal development class.. And still I am an INFP. I'm pretty proud though! Even though my downfalls in my personality can make overcoming things difficult, I still wouldn't want to be any other way. I just need to learn to accept it and become more confident in myself and I'll be fine. =]

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Myers and Briggs Personality Types: INFP Profile

INFP // describing words {Every test I've taken over the years said I was INFJ. Took one that broke things down into percentages and it said I am more INFP, followed by INFJ (and then ENFJ and a few others). Hadn't read anything on INFP's before.}

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Which introverted personality type are you?

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10 Contradicting Things About INFPs

The INFP can feel like a walking paradox. Why is this? It’s because the INFP’s cognitive functions often contradict each other.

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PhD Designed Myers Briggs Test. Extremely accurate and Insightful. No registration required. Only takes 10min

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The basics of the INFP personality, one of sixteen types according to MBTI.

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Just retook the test for this year and got a diff evaluation. But the INFP totally sums up who I am at the mo.

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