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Definitely need this some days. Whenever I'm feeling really down about myself it always helps to read over this list and focus on positive things about myself. ♥

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misterlupin: first in the series of mbti character things (i started with my own type) i just want to make it clear that a lot of the negatives could also be seen as positives, and that most of these traits were either taken from type sites or from personal experience & research so some may be inaccurate if you can’t read any of the points, please tell me! and if a more in depth description of the type is needed i’ll definitely help you out if you shoot me an ask! (please don’t delete this…

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Myers and Briggs Personality Types: INFP Profile

INFP // describing words {Every test I've taken over the years said I was INFJ. Took one that broke things down into percentages and it said I am more INFP, followed by INFJ (and then ENFJ and a few others). Hadn't read anything on INFP's before.}

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The basics of the INFP personality, one of sixteen types according to MBTI.

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Mostly very spot on except for I don't think of myself as being praise dependent at all and I can have a sense of right and wrong and can recognize the positives in logic

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You are more excited about having a day with no plans than a day full of plans. #INFP #MBTI

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10 Contradicting Things About INFPs

Wow. All of this is true. 10 Contradicting Things About the INFP Personality Type

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Find out how the INFP responds to stress by looking at their cognitive functions! #INFP #MBTI

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infp There's a Rush song that has the line "rational romantic mystic cynical idealist" and I always felt that it was a pretty good fit for me.

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