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Innocent People Executed

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It's possible innocent people were executed because the FBI messed up evidence

An FBI agent's 5 steps to developing mental toughness

Last meals of innocent people sentenced to death. This is why I'm against capital punishment

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30 Innocent People Who Were Almost Executed

In many states, the death penalty is handed down for the most serious crimes, such as murder. This is a list of people who were exonerated after serving time on death row...


Can you imagine being executed for a crime you didn't commit? It happens more often than you think.

10 Innocent People Who Were Wrongly Executed :

Colonel Claus Philipp Maria Graf Von Stauffenberg. A leading conspirator in the 20th July Bomb Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler at his Field HQ "Wolfschanze" in East Prussia. The coup failed and Stauffenberg and some of his fellow conspirators were executed in the courtyard of the Bendlerbock in Berlin Mitte in the early hours of 21st July 1944.

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My friends know I'm against the death penalty. But after seeing this? I'm appalled.

Sometimes Innocent People Are Executed. That's Enough To End The Death Penalty. But This?

We kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong | Anonymous ART of Revolution


At least 4% of people executed in the U.S. are innocent. Lincoln said that it is better to let all the guilty go free, than to kill one innocent person. FO0720_DeathPenalty_C_RJWEB_940b