If a madman want to kill innocent people he will find a way. Killers don't need guns to kill people. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer. 9-11 terrorists used box cutters and planes. The Nazis used Cyanide gas... Taking guns from innocent people will not protect innocent people. The problem is not guns. IT IS A GODLESS SOCIETY. #SecondAmendment

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This is another quote that I could picture Atticus saying because he is also talking about leaving the innocent people alone, and not bringing other people harm.

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Or attack innocent people and the businesses of hard working citizens. It's called respect,integrity being civil. Learn it!

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Don't take judgements to heart. Who judges anyway??? Accept the fact ignorance is among many. Sad but true! No one has time for that shit! Get it together. Don't offer your opinion on someone else's situation or character, it's a bad look! ✌️ Stay focused on what matters most, your own shit! Don't let opinions of others bring you down. What others think of you is none of your business! #betough #bejudgementfree #opinionsarelikeassholes #letitgo #lifelessons #tipoftheday

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True I am being severely hounded and harassed by the gangstalking scumbags in walmart and on the road while running errands and trying to enjoy the day with my daughter. Its 11:36 am on tuesday. Please expose these PATHETIC scum gangstalkers so they stop bothering innocent people. Plate BLACK SUV OLD PLATE RN51 NYS and bbu 3369 NYS these wackos are brainless sheep that need to be accepted to feel any kind of self worth. They are truly miserable inside this is why they agree to hurt innocent…

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Police Officer Prayer. I'm a little scared and I'm not even there yet, but I am so excited for my future

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Macbeth was born with tragedy in his blood. He was the one who caused it by killing many innocent people including his closest friends

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Catwoman (a.k.a Selina Kyle) is a main villain of the DC Comic's Batman franchise. Created by Bob Finger and Bob Kane. Catwoman is a burglar and a jewel thief who dresses like a black cat and carries a bullwhip as a tool or sometimes a weapon. Even though being a supervillainess, she sometimes allies Batman and even poses as a love interest. Despite being a villain, she refuses to kill innocent people.

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