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31 Haunting Photos From Old Mental Asylums

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Samples of forms from Lunatic asylums in Sydney-- something to drop into the inspiration or research pile

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Texas State Lunatic Asylum | Canton Asylum 1898. Asylums used patient labor to hold down costs and as a sort of occupational therapy.

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Insane asylum patients. 'American Horror Story: Asylum' (2012). Costume Designer: Lou Eyrich

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Harrowing portraits from Victorian lunatic asylum

Portraits from Suffolk County Lunatic Asylum taken by Dr Hugh Welch Diamond who believed photos could help 'cure' patients | Daily Mail Online

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Insane Asylum Force feeding of liquids thru a nasal tube that is leading down to the stomach. Some patients may not want to eat of unable to feed themselves. Mentally ill paitient.

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This man was called Boxer. He was literally chained to his bed at a mental asylum at Cerne Voda. The asylum was a repurposed military hospital. If he wasn’t chained, he would flee causing panic among other asylum patients. | Rare Photos Taken From Old Insane Aslyums Show Their Harsh Conditions (17 Photos)

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