Indeed. You know what insecure is? Not allowing your boyfriend to watch certain movies because there's hot chicks (For example, MILA KUNIS) and then when he watches it freaking out because you're sorry you don't have the perfect body like her and want to break up because of it... THAT is insecurity.

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Gosh, this is so true! Respect others. Any girl that judges you, or makes you upset because she said some awful remark to you, she is clearly in the state where she wants to feel better about herself, overconfidence is another form of arrogance.

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I see you keep sharing each of your moves and strategies with the world and then wonder why your competition is so far ahead of you. But that is none of my business Rich is loud. Wealth is silent . . by haciendahoyos

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Jealous and insecure women, this message is for you. Stop hating other women whose only crime is that they have confidence. Grow up. It's ugly how you act!

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You might just be father of the year if you haven't seen your kid in 2 years, are in town because you are forced to be because you are a piece of crap who can't pay for said child, and yet you refuse to acknowledge said child or see her. Congratulations on having flesh and blood who wants nothing to do with you. You have made this bed. I don't hate you, I pity you. Pity you because you will soon have no one.

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OMG So true. If what I do threatens you that's your problem. I compete with no one honey and DEF NOT YOU, IT, HE/SHE, MAN......WHATEVA "woMAN" LMFAO. ZERO COMPETITION!

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