This sounds like me but I'm not smart so idk I'm confused

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You must realize that rumors are stemmed from insecurities. When people are criticizing or making things up about another, they are revealing something about themselves that they lack. A man who mentions false “conquests” or talks about women in a disrespectful way is dealing with confidence issues and a woman who slanders and speaks ill about another woman behind her back is dealing with self-hate & jealousy issues. This is why it is important to know & love yourself. #rumorhasit

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I need to read this one daily. It's so true. I'm insecure with myself...that someone else could be better than me, and it makes me scared that I could lose the one I love to someone else...because they might be better.

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Sometimes people are intimidated by you, insecure around you or try to belittle you because they see your greatness and potential for success. When you feel that push back or put down from people around you … it’s not about you. They are showing you their insecurities. Don’t allow insecure or small thinking people to ruin your day, steal your peace or take you off track from your purpose.

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