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Insomnia caused by anxiety...sleep deprivation makes anxiety 1000 times worse (heck yes it does)

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Fibromyalgia symptom chronic insomnia which cause so many other problems....fatigue brain fog etc..

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Insomnia (Chronic and Acute Insomnia) Causes and Symptoms

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Demystifying Adrenal Fatigue, Pt. 1: What Is Adrenal Fatigue? | The Paleo Mom

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a Raw Carrot a Day detoxes estrogens / PMS | Several women who suffered from premenstrual symptoms, including migraine, had their serum estrogen measured before and after the “carrot diet,” and they found that the carrot lowered their estrogen within a few days, as it relieved their symptoms. The carrot salad improves the ratio of progesterone to estrogen and cortisol, and so is as appropriate for epilepsy as for premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, or arthritis.

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23 Diseases Your Lack Of Sleep Could Be Causing

We know that sleep recharges out energy and that lack of sleep will affect our daily function and freshness. But these are just simple and superficial problems of lack of sleep. The cumulative effect of sleep deprivation can be devastating for our health.

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Women who are at the threshold of menopause are prone to experience excessive fluctuation in their estrogen levels. A high level of estrogen may cause cramps or insomnia, where as a drop in the level may cause fatigue, osteoporosis, a condition which makes the bones brittle or may even lead to depression.

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