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EXCLUSIVE: See Tris And Four Defy Gravity In The Final 'Insurgent' Poster

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Tobias under truth serum. ***SPOILERS***But in an interview Veronica Roth said that he falls in love with Christina 3 years after The end of the book, so 5 1/2 years after Tris dies.

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Insurgent in a nutshell- So true! #Divergent #tris #Four @Samiksha Venkatesan @isra shahid @Shania Chishti

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“...I know nothing else is, but we are.” Experience the #FourTris feels AGAIN in theaters! | Insurgent

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Lol but so true!!! My friends were freaking out and asking why I wasn't freaking out and I was jusy sitting there quietly smiling to myself with knowledge

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