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Integer Addition and Subtraction page. After answering all of the questions, students color in according to the key at the top of the page. The finished product is a fish! Answer key is a different pin.

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Integer rules cootie catcher

Integer Cootie Catcher - working on integers now. Not a math teacher, but kids still have questions. This could be modified for various math concerns. :)

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Integers Foldable. I'm a huge lover of foldables, they are notes the kids ENJOY taking and can actually USE!! What's not to love!?

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I always start off my eighth grade classes with a review of integers. My favorite way to open up our integer review involves a document camera, projector, and some basic round manipulatives with a different color on each side. My set is represented with

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Literacy & Math Ideas: Teaching Integers for Deep Understanding (Negative and Positive Numbers)

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A manipulative for integer operations

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Integers card game: The red cards are negative and the black are positive. Each player starts with 6 cards, drawing one at the beginning of their turn and discarding one at the end. The goal is to play pairs that equal 6 or -6. The person playing 3 pairs first wins. The other players add the absolute value of their cards to get a score. The goal is to have the lowest score at the end of the game.

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Integer War - hilarious video with green and red army men as manipulatives. Also a post about order of operations...wonder if this could be made into a philosophical chair to warrant more discussion.

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123 Switch! (Game to Practice Adding/Subtraction Integers) (A Sea of Math)

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Real World Examples on Application of Integers -An excellent way to make math meaningful and relevant to your students. It's a realistic simulation of personal finance. The full project involves a 16-page packet for each student. This includes an explanation of each approximately 20 expenses and a discussion of income and deductions (taxes and insurance).

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Integer Football

Can’t wait for the big Thanksgiving Day football game? Encourage your kids to kick off some intensive integer computation with this fun worksheet.

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