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How to Intercept Text Messages -

Tips On How To Spy On Your Spouse -

Hari & Parker - Part of a conceptual design projects for children that help them spy for the government. The bunny's ears intercept text messages and the bear's nose is a camera


There is a Trend to use Surveillance Software rather then Retaining a Private Investigator -

from Fox News

Apple denies knowledge of NSA's 'complete' access to iPhone

Apple denies knowledge of NSA's 'complete' access to iPhone: "...A leaked NSA document, posted by German newspaper Der Speigel, describes the “software implant for the Apple iPhone” that can be used to gather information from the phone: It can turn on the microphone and camera, intercept text messages, creep through a contact list and more..."

Why Tap the Services of a Private Eye When You Can Do It Yourself? -


Malware called 'Eurograbber' steals 36 million Euros, the malware intercepts two-step authentication text messages sent to customers' phones. Read :

For Many People Suspicious of an Affair a Common Method is to Deploy Tracking and Monitoring Technology In Place of Recruiting Detectives -