Born to a Parsi Zoroastrian family in a small city of Gujarat, Navsari, Jamsetji Tata needs no introduction. Well recognised as the ‘Father of Indian Industry’, he was a founder of India’s prominent business .India In English,Daily News In English,English International News,International News In English,International News Headlines InEnglish, Breaking International News In English,Daily International News In English,International latest update English read more at…

There are electronic tools intended to help with counter surveillance. Army intelligence or military intelligence forces can make use of radio frequency bug detectors, wired or wireless camera detectors and similar devices.

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Newseum -- Museum of all things news. Use the Exhibit & Theater tab for access to virtual exhibits.

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Pat’s Papers –edited news collection spanning international news to domestic politics -- Pat’s Papers is a carefully edited collection of US news headlines delivered each weekday morning. Pat cuts through the clutter of the news choices on the Web to deliver a summary of stories that span the entire news spectrum from international news to domestic politics to science to gossip.

CNBC/FNN The network and its international spinoffs cover business headlines and provide live coverage of financial markets. Consumer News and Business Channel until 1991. Financial News Network until mid 90's. Launched: April 17th, 1989. Logo Used: (c) 1992.

A church billboard telling Christians to get over the fact that some people are gay in the Australian city of Gosford has gone viral on the internet and made international news headlines

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Internet Freedom Day: How Massive Blackout Protests Killed Two Anti-Piracy Bills At the start of the decade several new bills were introduced in the United States aiming to make it easier for copyright holders to enforce their rights online. The proposals including SOPA and PIPA wouldve streamlined the shutting down of allegedly infringing domain names and threatened to increase liability for third party services among other things. Fearing broad Internet censorship the proposals ignited…

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