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Internet Hoaxes

The fact that he was molesting her isn't funny, but the way he was pummeled was definitely

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Omg it's a reference to the What's New Pussycat diner story XD

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Detect & Dismiss: How to Spot Fake News {5 Lesson Plans}

These five lesson plans will help any teacher break down fake news detection for secondary students. Lessons deal with terminology, headlines, sponsored content, spin, hoax sites, and satire. $

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Danger on the Internet: A Lesson in Critical Thinking - a GREAT article about teaching what's real and what's fake on the Internet - a MUST before letting students research!

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Top 10 Internet Hoaxes Almost Everybody Believed - Top 10 of Anything And Everythings

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Infografía que explica cómo reconocer los diferentes tipos de correos maliciosos que existen y cómo evitar picar en sus trampas. Phishing: correos que parece proceder de fuentes fiables pero que en realidad nos redirigen a webs para el robo de claves. Scam: correos electrónicos con cualquier tipo de engaño que intentan estafarnos. Malware: correos electrónicos con ficheros adjuntos que pueden infectar nuestros ordeandores. Spam: correos con fines publicitarios que saturan nuestros buzones…

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Is Alkaline Water Extra Healthy or a Hoax?

How to Tell What My Body's PH Balance Is?

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