Interval Training is one of the best training techniques for any sport!! I absolutely live by it :)

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FitFridaySeries by Love Grown Foods' founder, Maddy! This Ab Workout doesn't require a gym or any equipment! Repeat 3x and combine with 20-40minutes of interval cardio for a complete workout! #GetFit #LoveGrownFoods

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TIGHT TUMMY AB WORKOUT | Click for the full ConfidenceKini Fitness Challenge by
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As pageant competitors, we all have a cause we are passionate about. There are so many 5K runs and walks for various campaigns are organizations, so why not combine your passion with your pageant preparations? Even if you are not interested in running a 5K race, you should still consider using this workout in your training. Interval cardio burns more calories during and after your workout than just staying at a steady pace. Add this routine into your week at least three times and work up to…

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