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Intp Careers To Avoid

This has always been so hard to understand and explain to people that I'm not the person I feel I've turned into since the stress and negativity of my college program have arose. So validating to see that it could be a characteristic and that I'm not crazy.

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You cannot be anything you want to be -- but you can be a lot more of who you already are. - Tom Rath

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Be aware of INTP Jobs to Avoid such as politics, admin, telesales, famous INTP personalities, how to use your personality type to find a career.

Personality Types And Love: Who’s Your Soulmate?

Personality Types And Love: Who’s Your Soulmate Funny, I'm an INFP Aquarius...

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Personality Types And Love: Who’s Your Soulmate?

Because a Myers-Briggs Personality Test is one of the best ways to spend several hours analyzing yourself and those you love (and those you can't stand...). There's a link to a quiz at the bottom of the infogram. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment provides results that can act as a great tool for anyone who's generally curious about personality types; can be especially beneficial for those struggling with identity-related crisis within their career or relationship.

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This is a great website giving rather in depth glimpses into the personality types. Learning about myself is really important to me....INTJ