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Characters: MBTI continued

ISTJ. Introverted sensing. And it's never inappropriate to place a LOTR quote on the most random of posts. It's all good ;)

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The cognitive functions in order as shown: Extroverted intuition introverted intuition. Extroverted sensing introverted sensing. Extroverted thinking introverted thinking. Extroverted feeling introverted feeling.

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ISTJ: dominant introverted sensing Si, but Extroverts their secondary Thinking Te ISFJ: dominant introverted sending Si, but Extrov...

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Introverted Feelers (Fi), Introverted Thinkers (Ti), Introverted Intuitives (Ni), Introverted Sensors (Si)

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Get to know the cognitive functions of the ISTJ personality type. Explanations of how the ISTJ uses Introverted Sensing, Extraverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling, and Extraverted Intuition.

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Introverted Sensing (SI): Gibbs is someone who feels at comfort with routine. He almost always starts off his day with the exact same type of coffee (black) and likes to stick to the things he knows...

MBTI chart among genders. It's so interesting how introverted sensing is the most popular, but introverted intuition is the least.