IONIC SILVER PURIFIES MUNICIPAL DRINKING WATER -- Ionic silver has been used in many countries to purify domestic drinking water. The powerful antimicrobial qualities of ionic silver allow it wipe out bacteria, even though only very low levels of silver measuing in the parts per billion are used. This makes if far safer than typical water purifying products like chlorine or bromine which can cause cancer. Learn more at

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collodial silver kills yeast. This is a unit you can buy to make your own safely. Expensive unit, but as you are supposed to take up to 4 oz. a day to kill candida, this would save money.

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Truth About Ionic Silver

Jual beli Ag+ 3IN1 - Ionic Silver Gel ( Ag+) Gel Ion Perak Dan Ionic Silver Water (Ag+) Air Ion Perak Atasi Jerawat, Merawat Kesehatan & Kecantikan Tanpa Obat di Lapak Yayo - ionicsilver. Menjual Perawatan Kulit Wanita - Paket Ag+ 3IN1 : Paket Hemat berisi 1 btl Ag+ SilverGel 30 ml + 1 btl Ag+ Spray 60 ml + 1 btl Ag+ Refill 500 ml @ Ionic Silver Water (Ag+) Air Ion Perak dan Ionic Silver Gel (Ag+) Gel Ion Perak Keajaiban Alami Multifungsi Untuk Perawatan Kesehatan & Kecan...

IS NANOSILVER MORE EFFECTIVE THAN IONIC SILVER? -- Some say nanosilver is more effective than ionic silver. But if that's true, why does the human body have to convert nanosilver into ionic silver before utilizing it? Here's the truth you won't hear anywhere else:

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Mario Cifaldi , Maker of the Silver Lungs generator talks about colloidal and ionic silver

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Hydrogen Peroxide....A-mazing! This is the cheapest and greatest preventive "medicine" ever!!

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