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Hillary Clinton Is Declared The Winner Of The Iowa Democratic Caucus

Hillary Clinton Is Declared The Winner Of The Iowa Democratic Caucus - by the thinnest of margins. She may not be feeling the Bern, but she sure has to be feeling the sizzle.

Hillary Clinton Urges Quick Resolution Of Lawsuit And Return Of Bernie Sanders Voter Files.... LOL! Deflect Quick! #FeeltheBERN #Women4Bernie #Hillary4MONSANTO


Iowa Democratic caucus runs into difficulties amid volunteering crisis

Great democracies rest on three pillars: the will of the people, trust in politicians, and strong institutions. Across the world, the second two are being torn down

Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders claimed a “virtual tie” with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Democratic caucuses. New Yorker Magazine.


The Iowa Democratic caucus vote count was so close last night, that at least 6 precincts were decided by flipping a coin -- an obscure procedure in the Iowa caucus bylaws.

Hillary Clinton Officially Wins Iowa Democratic Caucus


Missing precinct scrambles to report Sanders won

Iowa Democratic Party officials work into early morning trying to account for caucus results.


Bernie Surges: DC Insiders Panic | LA Progressive | "Virtually the entire Washington and Wall Street establishments are now in a state of panic about the possibility of a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) victory in the Iowa Democratic caucus next Monday." Click to read and share the full article.