Yip Man (aka Ip Man) - The undisputed grandmaster of Wing Chun (aka Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun) An amazing person--wise, loving, philosophical, loyal, humble: and ferociously trained in martial arts.

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Ip Man's martial arts lineage tree traces Wing Chun back into antiquity through the Red Boat Opera Troupe and to the legendary Yim Ving Tsun.

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Ip Man, in his twilight years, training on a wooden dummy. No excuse not to continue training.

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bruce lee and his teadcher Yip Man | Best wishes on the success of your book "Path to Wing Chun

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One of the rare pictures of Bruce Lee practicing Wing Chun (Chi Sao) with Ip Man.

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Yip Man, the man who originally taught Bruce Lee...and he didn't even finish training Bruce all the way because he believed Bruce was too "westernized".

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