#KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ ❥ A groom's cakes or Birthday cake ??   Solid chocolate iPad, the bag is all cake, and the iPod is all frosting!

Apple of Her Eye - Grooms cake.now he can have his iPad, and eat it too! We customized each app to represent some aspect of the wedding, from their first dance song on the iPod, to their honeymoon destination on the solid chocolate iPad!

iphone cake | Celebrate with Cake!: iPhone Cake I found this soooo cute!!! :)

R got us to do this white iPhone 4 for his birthday. Quite a lover of his iPhone, he specifically chose the apps to appear on the cake as w.

This cake reminded me about Facebook...lol because there is a picture of Facebook and that made me laugh

Apple Computer Cake - Cake by Sweet and Swanky Cakes ~ Sonja McLean - CakesDecor